6 Best Boots for Flat Feet – Men’s Top Supporters For 2024


Flat feet aren’t just a nuisance when shopping for footwear, they can be painful and lead to a variety of unsavory conditions. Aside from daily stretches to strengthen your feet, and socks for extra support, the best boots for flat feet can alleviate discomfort associated with low arches.

Having flat feet is relatively common, around 26% percent of the American population consider themselves to be flat-footed. If you fall under this category, there are a few things a pair of boots must have to ensure your foot is properly supported. Namely, arch support, and often a wider fit.

The problem is, there are a lot of boots out there, and not all of them deliver like they claim to. Fortunately, I’ve done the leg work and made sure that all my picks were up to snuff in every category. Whether you need them for working, hiking, or plain old daily wear, I made sure every boot was supportive, durable, and attractive—all for a fair price.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the 6 best boots for flat feet below.

Key Takeaways 

In my search, I pored over dozens of options, photos, and reviews, to narrow my list to the very best boots for men with flat feet.

Ultimately, I discovered that they must have ample arch support and be wider than the average boot, like OrthoFeet Highline Boot. It’s a lightweight, orthopedic shoe recommended by podiatrists to cushion your foot like a cloud. If you need a work boot that eliminates pressure on the foot, check out Thorogood Moc Toe Wedge Workboot.

wearing a pair of moab 2 hiking boots by merrell
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OrthoFeet Highline Boot

Why it’s Great: All of the boots on this list have superior arch support, but few let you choose from three different widths like the Highline Boot does—a great plus for those with low arches. Here’s a lightweight orthopedic shoe from a podiatrist-recommended brand that benefits over 20 different foot conditions, from general foot pain to pronation. For such an attainable price, it provides high-quality foot care, comfort, and stability—plus a sprinkling of other savvy details like a grippy rubber outsole and anti-microbial fabric. I love the smell of that.

How it Feels: With all the extra padding, your foot is literally being cradled. And you can feel that superiority. The shining feature is a premium orthotic insole with an added arch booster as needed.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Normally, I take fashion into account when choosing my top picks, and I do wish the Highline Boot was more stylish. However, I’m not mad at it. When it comes to comfort and support for flat feet, they get 5 stars.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 7-15, regular- x-wide | Colors Available: 2

Merrell Moab 2

Why it’s Great: It’s not easy to find a good, high-quality boot for flat-footed folks under $100. Fortunately, Merrell makes a superior pair you can technically wear anywhere, even though it’s a hiking shoe—just ask my mom (she LOVES hers). People are drawn to the Moab 2 because it’s so well-balanced, lightweight, and highly durable. Thick Vibram 5 mm lugs help you cling to any surface, and it’s fully waterproof, with a breathable, quick-drying mesh liner for foot sweat. But how does it feel on those arches?

How it Feels: Pretty dang great. While all of those features are nice, it’s all about how the midsole and insole support the arches. The Moab 2 has a fantastic high-density midsole and a contoured footbed insole to make it feel like it was made to your foot. Oh, but don’t forget the molded nylon arch shank. That reinforced support is why these boots are so beloved.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While they do their job well, they’re very clearly hiking shoes, and I do wish they were more seasonally versatile and were fashionable enough for more situations—but as my mom would say: who cares?

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 7-15, wide available | Colors Available: 7

Wolverine Overpass Composite Toe Work Boot

Why it’s Great: The Wolverine Overpass is one of the best and fairly priced work boots on the market, flat-footed or not. They’re slip, oil, water, and abrasion-resistant, with a chemical-resistant outsole. And because they’re weatherproof, they work in all kinds of conditions, including extreme ones. But it’s the way they feel on the foot that makes them so popular, especially amongst those with low arches.

How it Feels: The Ortholite footbed molds to your foot so well they almost feel custom. You might not even need custom orthotics, but it is removable, just in case. As for movement, it boasts flexible athletic contour welt construction. Bend and flex all day long, you’ll feel comfortable and supported.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: A lot of reviewers noted that they only got around 6 months of solid performance out of each pair. That being said, they do come in under the $150 mark. Take a peek at how to extend the life of your work boots.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 7-14, X-wide available | Colors Available: 2

Thursday Boot Company Captain Men’s Lace-up Boot

Why it’s Great Resilient yet stylish, Thursday’s Captain Boot proves low arch support boots can be attractive. It’s a great casual choice with elevated details like a stitch over a minimalist toe cap that can easily be dressed up if you choose one of the black polished versions. But what makes them an everyday pair you can rely on is solid, resoleable goodyear welt construction, water-resistance, and you guessed it—a super comfortable footbed.

How it Feels: If the studded rubber outsole grips every kind of surface, you best believe the cork and poron footbeds cushion your feet in all the right places and form to your feet over time. Both materials are some of the best for your feet: highly resilient, energy absorbing and last a lifetime.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Many reviewers have noted that they tend to run large, so consider sizing down.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 6-14, wide available | Colors Available: 15

Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Work Boots

Why it’s Great: Wedge boots are a great choice for those with low arches because they ease up pressure on the feet. I love Thorogood’s moc toe pair because even though they’re solid work boots, they are stylish enough for casual wear. As for the job site, they meet both slip and electrical safety standards, with a rubber edge sole for absorbing impact. Storm welt construction makes them wear-resistant and durable in all kinds of weather. Long story short, you’ll likely wear these boots for a long time.

How it Feels: Despite being jam-packed with reliable features, it’s surprisingly light on the foot. Your arches will love the contoured, dual-density removable footbed with additional shock-absorption  concentrated underneath the heel and ball. A fiberglass shank provides that extra boost of arch support and flexibility.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: A few reviewers have noted that the break-in period was somewhat rough, but if you wear them for a few hours a day close to home, they’ll wear in just fine.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 5-15, wide available | Colors Available: 6

RM Williams Chelsea Boot

Why it’s Great: Honestly, everyone needs a gorgeous Chelsea boot in their closet. They’re sleek, and versatile, and R.M. Williams makes a handsome handmade pair crafted in a single piece of yearling leather. It ain’t all looks, though. Beneath the attractive exterior lies superior comfort and durability, thanks to goodyear welt construction and a powerful insole.

How it Feels: I was genuinely surprised when my feet touched the insoles, which happen to be removable—great if you have custom orthotics. They were light, flexible and soft, and my arch felt completely supported as I moved around throughout the day. The non-slip sole is a solid plus.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: These boots are handmade, and therefore pricey. But if it’s in your budget, you’ll get what you paid for: gorgeous boots that will last for many years.

Material: 100% Leather  | Sizes: 4-14, wide available | Colors Available: 2

wearing a pair of thorogood moc toe boots
butterscotchlbc / Instagram

Buying Considerations for Supportive Boots


If there’s one thing you don’t want to scrimp on when it comes to the best boots for flat feet, it’s cost. Because you need extra support, you’ll need higher-quality features, and that comes at a price. If your boots are too cheap, you’ll feel it. But if you’re balling on a budget, check out my stellar affordable pick.


The wider the boot, the more comfortable the fit, especially at the toe box. Narrow fits are a popular complaint among the flat-footed, so look out for boots with wide or even extra-wide width offerings. This way you’ll experience less cramping and all-around better foot support.

Arch Support 

As you might suspect, the insole is where the best arch features reside. Look for words like Ortholite, high-density EVA, cushion, cork, and padding. These all indicate strong materials that provide plenty of ample support needed to comfort low arches.

Why you should trust us

As a fashion and grooming writer at Fashionbeans, it’s my job to do all the right research to bring you the best boots for flat feet. I scoured the internet, poured over reviews, and tried on a few pairs myself to assure you that there’s a boot out there for you and those low arches, regardless of needs or taste.

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Final Verdict 

The best boots for flat feet should be affordable, plenty wide, and have ample arch support. OrthoFeet Highline Boot provides both, with three different widths to choose from. I love that the  ergonomic foot bed is recommended by foot doctors to treat a variety of ailments, including flat feet.


    • The best boots for flat feet are wide and come with ample arch support.

      • To alleviate discomfort that comes from having flat feet, you will need shoes with lots of cushioned arch support.

        • Feet with low arches need more room to accommodate the shape of the foot. Consequently, wide or extra wide boots are usually most comfortable for flat feet.

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