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2023 was a pretty good year for gaming.

� Over 14,500 games launched on Steam
� Hogwarts Legacy sold 22 million units worldwide
� Mobile gaming reached a value of 140.5 billion U.S. dollars

Not to mention, more people than ever finally got their hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox
Series X/S. Altogether, not too shabby.

Now, though, 2024 has arrived. Everyone, from players to industry experts, expects 2024 to
be a bigger year for gaming than the previous, and all of the evidence points to this
happening. But what will the biggest gaming trends be in 2024? It’s time to find out.

he 2024 Gaming Trends Set to Happen This Year

More Free-to-Play Games

Have you noticed that more games than ever are free-to-play? This isn’t an accident, it’s by
design. From Epic Games to Activision, the biggest names in the industry have all jumped
on the free-to-play wave, with the trend showing no sign of slowing down.

Naturally, a lot of players no longer want to pay huge prices for games and would much
rather enjoy the free-to-play alternatives instead. This is why free games have shot up the
charts and social casinos have become noticeably more popular.

With social casinos, all of the games, from blackjack to slots, are free-to-play. You (the
player) use free sweeps coins to do this, so you don’t have to pay for access to the games.

Cool, right? When you think about it, you can clearly see why free-to-play games have
become the latest hit.

Lots of Cross-play Action

For decades, gamers have been complaining that they can’t play against their friends on
other platforms. Thankfully, this has all changed, as cross-platform games have started to
flood the market over recent years. From PlayStation 5 to PC and mobile, you can now enjoy
cross-platform games and play against all of your friends from around the world. Developers
understand that this is what gamers have always wanted, which is why they’re making sure
that the games they release throughout 2024 are cross-platform-friendly.

VR Gaming

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It’s taken a while, but VR gaming has finally gotten off the ground. Now, VR games and
headsets are becoming more accessible, with No Man’s Sky and Asgard’s Wrath 2 being
some of the fan-favourites. So, VR growth is expected to continue throughout 2024, which is
why you should keep your eyes out for new VR games hitting the market.

Are VR Headsets Worth It?
The average price of a VR headset in 2024 is $427.43, which is very affordable compared to
the past. Therefore, if you want an exciting and immersive gaming experience like no other,
it’s recommended you get your hands on one.

Increased eSports Viewership

Year-by-year, the eSports industry continues to grow. From around 435 million viewers in
2020 to over 540 million viewers in 2024, people are loving what eSports are bringing to the
table, and it’s easy to see why. Fans are more connected, you get to watch the best gamers
on the biggest stages, and most eSports events are free-to-watch. It’s all great stuff.

In 2024, there are some big eSports events coming up, including the VCT Masters Shanghai
and VALORANT Champions, which are expected to break viewership records once again. If
you’ve yet to truly immerse yourself in the eSports world, then there’s no better time to start
than 2024.

Wrapping up the 2024 Gaming Trends

The list of gaming trends to be excited about this year is almost endless. From more free-to-
play games to immersive VR experiences, it’s going to be a great year for players from all
major platforms. Game on!

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