All Rewards and Milestones for Lasso Loops in Monopoly GO


Lasso Loops has started in Monopoly GO now that Winter Games has ended. Now is a great opportunity to score even more Sticker Packs for the Monopoly Origins album.

Full list of Milestones and Rewards for Lasso Loops in Monopoly GO

Below is a complete list of all the rewards for the Lasso Loops Milestone Event in Monopoly GO. Note that cash rewards vary from player to player, so I can’t give any values. Excitingly, this event will also reward Pickaxes for the Jungle Treasures event!

MilestonesPoints RequiredLasso Loops rewards
2520 Free Rolls
310Green Sticker Pack
450125 Free Rolls
615Green Sticker Pack
71510 minutes of Rent Frenzy
9100225 Free Rolls
1125Green Sticker Pack
13250450 Free Rolls
1540Orange Sticker Pack
17400700 Free Rolls
185010 minutes of High Roller
1975Pink Sticker Pack
217001,200 Free Rolls
2365Blue Sticker Pack
247015 minutes of Cash Grab
2580100 Free Rolls
27150225 Free Rolls
29250Blue Sticker Pack
301,2001,700 Free Rolls
31300Five minutes of Cash Grab
341,8002,400 Free Rolls
35550Purple Sticker Pack
37700700 Free Rolls
39750800 Free Rolls
40800Purple Sticker Pack
424,3007,000 Free Rolls and a Purple Sticker pack

How does the Lasso Loops milestone event work in Monopoly GO?

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Lasso Loops is a milestone event in Monopoly GO. In milestone events, you will be tasked with simply collecting points. As you hit the point milestones, you’ll be well rewarded. The point requirements will generally get larger and larger, but so will the rewards. Also, keep in mind, that sometimes they’ll spike!

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How to get points in Lasso Loops in Monopoly GO

To get points in Lasso Loops in Monopoly GO, you’ll need to land on Tax and Utility Tiles. Every Tax Tile you land on scores you 3 points, and every Utility Tile scores 2 points.

There are only four tiles that will get you points in this event, so be careful.

Best way to win Lasso Loops in Monopoly GO

Since only four tiles in this event will get you points, you won’t want to have your dice multiplier at the maximum all the time. Make sure to only raise it to as far as it can go if you’re roughly four to seven tiles away from a Tax or Utility Tile.

This is because when rolling two six-sided dice, they are close to the average dice roll, so you should have a higher chance of landing on the Corner Square. Ultimately, however, the whim of the dice is a random one, so this is only general advice and won’t guarantee a thing.

How long will Lasso Loops last in Monopoly GO?

The Lasso Loops milestone event started at 1 PM UTC on January 74 and will last for a couple days, ending on January 29.

Now that you’re up to date with the Lasso Loops Milestone event for Monopoly GO, why don’t you check out the Trade reset times?

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