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If you’re in the market for new appliances, the next best time to score a major discount is Presidents’ Day. However, the shopping experts at CBS Essentials know that sometimes appliance brands offer discounts before the long holiday weekend. That’s why we encourage you to start shopping now.

To help you narrow your search, we’ve rounded up a selection of discounts we found from our picks of the best dishwashers, best washers and dryers, best fridges and best ranges, with savings up to 38% off. 

KitchenAid 44 dBA dishwasher in PrintShield Finish with FreeFlex third rack: Save $215


Best Buy

This sleek-looking dishwasher from KitchenAid comes with three racks and various dish cycles that enable it to effectively clean large and extra dirty loads. One of the features we really like about this dishwasher is the FreeFlex third rack. Located at the top of the dishwasher, the rack angles downward to accommodate mugs, cups and small bowls, in addition to cutlery. 

We also really like the specialized cycles, including “tough” for really soiled dishes, the express wash cycle (which is great if you need dishes clean quickly) and ProWash, a smart cycle that adapts its cleaning techniques by sensing what type of load it’s working with.

This dishwasher has a 4.5-star rating on Best Buy. One customer wrote, “We have had our dishwasher for a few months now and we absolutely love it. The third rack is perfect for our sippy cup nipples and lids. I haven’t had any issues with our dishes not being clean. It has a ton more space than our old one. Definitely recommend!”

Get it for $900 now at Best Buy, reduced from $1,215.

Samsung Bespoke Four-Door Flex refrigerator with Family Hub: Save $500



This impressive fridge comes with free shipping, free installation, free haul away of your old appliance and 0% APR for two years after purchase.

This Bespoke model has one of the largest Family Hubs of other Samsung models, with a whopping 32-inch screen. It feels as if you’re operating a tablet on your kitchen door. With the Family Hub, you can pull up your calendar, write notes, see inside your fridge, and if you have a Ring doorbell, see who is at your front door. This would be a great refrigerator for someone who loves getting the latest in tech gadgets.

Like other Samsung refrigerators, the Bespoke counter depth flex refrigerator comes with a dual beverage center and ice maker as well as the SmartThings Energy app, which helps you monitor your refrigerator’s energy usage.

You can get this Samsung refrigerator for $4,499, a savings of $500. You can add on 2 years of Samsung Care warranty coverage for $55, a 68% discount.

Samsung Bespoke ultra capacity front load washer and electric dryer: Save $1,005



This washer (5.3 cu ft.) and dryer (7.6 cu ft.) set have settings that make it easy to get your laundry clean, and fast. The speed setting allows you to complete a load in less than an hour, and the steam cleaning option in the washer and dryer helps with getting rid of stains, as well as removing light wrinkles from clothing. There’s also a self-clean setting, saving you time from having to routinely clean the appliances yourself.

Another feature we really like about this washer and dryer is that you can set schedules and get alerts when loads are done on your smartphone with the SmartThings app.

This Samsung washer and dryer set has a 4.5-star rating on its site. One reviewer wrote, “Washer and dryer do the job! Clothes are clean. Quiet when washing. So happy with my purchase.”

Another customer said, “Love this washer dryer set! Very easy to use. I got the stackable kit and can operate the dryer from the washer, which works great for us height-challenged people!”

Whirlpool large-capacity dishwasher with third rack: Save $240



Unlike other dishwashers that only come in stainless steel, the Whirlpool large-capacity dishwasher allows you to choose between stainless steel, black stainless steel, white, black and biscuit (a light beige).

The dishwasher comes with three racks and cycles such as normal wash, quick wash and heavy wash. There’s also a smart sensor cycle that determines the load type based on soil level, as well as a sanitizing rinse option and heated dry option to add onto cycles. You can schedule cycles for up to 24 hours in the future — a great money-saving feature if your utility company offers time-of-day pricing.

This whirlpool model has a 4.6-star rating on Best Buy. One reviewer wrote, “Quiet and clean! Does its job so good you can’t even hear it! Deluxe dishwashing experience!” Another customer said, “Installed [it] myself, was super easy. Has a ton of space and is a huge upgrade from the standard that came with our home. Color (black stainless) is great.” 

Regularly $840, this top-rated dishwasher just got a new price cut at Best Buy. Get it for $600 now, ahead of Presidents’ Day.

Samsung Flex Duo slide-in dual fuel range: Save $1,100



With the Samsung Flex Duo 6.3 cu ft. dual oven, you can cook two dishes at two different temperatures at the same time. You can preheat the oven and change cooking times from your phone with the SmartThings app, or by voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby.

The oven has a dial so you can easily choose your mode of cooking, including air frying. The range comes with four standard burners, plus an elongated middle burner designed for griddle pans. We like that the knobs illuminate when the range is on — it makes a good visual safety reminder.

Take advantage of this Presidents’ Day deal and you can save 28% off this Samasung smart range. The range comes with free shipping, free returns (if returned within 15 days of receipt) and 0% APR for two years when you buy direct from Samsung.

Samsung extra-large capacity smart top load washer and dryer: Save $600



This large Samsung washer (5.4 cu ft.) and dryer (7.4 cu ft.) combo is one of the most affordable Samsung laundry duos you can buy. But don’t be misled by the price, these are great machines.

With so much room inside, you can really fill these appliances up with clothes, making this set a great option for large families. In addition to plenty of space, the washer comes with a built-in water faucet that helps with spot treating stains and a lid that closes softly, preventing banging every time you have to open and close your laundry machine.

The dryer offers even more space than the washer (2 extra cubic feet to be exact) and comes with an internal drum light for easy viewing. Like the washer, it can be connected to the SmartThings app, which can help you remotely control laundry cycles and troubleshoot problems.

Both gas and electric dryers are available. Gas dryers cost $100 more than an electric dryer.

Samsung smart slide-in induction range: Save $1,387



This large Samsung smart range (6.3 cu ft.) comes with four induction cooktops of varying sizes, making it compatible with pots and pans big and small. On one end of the range you could easily fit an eight-quart stockpot, while the other side could be used for sauteing with a 10-inch cast iron skillet. If you’re looking to replace your old gas range with an induction cooktop, this is the one to buy.

Other features of this range include an air frying mode, a fingerprint-resistant exterior finish and wireless access to the SmartThings app, which allows you to control your appliance from your smartphone. There are illuminated range knobs and imitation flames around each burner to signal when they are on.

When you purchase this range at Samsung, you also get free shipping, free installation, free returns and free haul away of your old appliance. If you plan on making payments in installments, Samsung offers 0% APR for two years. 

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