Best Romantic TV Shows on Netflix | 2024

By mzaxazm

Whether you prefer an LGBTQ+ storyline, a sexy foreign film, or even something new, there’s something on Netflix for you. But if you’re looking for something that pulls at your heart strings and makes you question why a certain type of love doesn’t exist in real life, you’ll want to watch the most romantic TV shows on Netflix.

Want to laugh, cry, or maybe even both? We’ve rounded up romantic TV shows on Netflix streaming right now, both new and old — including steamy hits like “Bridgerton,” new shows like “One Day,” and romance TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” that you know will make you cry.

FYI, this list definitely falls more into the PG/PG-13 category, but if you’re looking for something a bit more sex-filled, we have a super-steamy roundup of the sexiest movies streaming on Netflix and sexy Netflix shows that you may enjoy more. (But if you’re looking for the best romantic TV shows, you’re in the right spot here.)

Don’t be mad when you find yourself obsessed and adding all the titles below to your Netflix queue — you’re in for many, many Netflix and chill dates. Ready to press play?

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