BIGBIG WON launches the Rainbow 2 Pro wireless controller with multi-platform support, Hall-effect triggers, RGB lighting and more


  • The Rainbow 2 Pro wireless controller is compatible with Windows PC, Xbox, PS4, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch
  • It’s available for $64.99 on Amazon or as a combo for $79.99
  • It features Hall-effect triggers, remappable buttons, 15 hours of gameplay on a full charge and more

BIGBIG WON has officially launched its Rainbow 2 Pro wireless controller, letting players dive into multi-platform fun with Windows PC, Xbox, PS4, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The controller also packs quite a punch with its Hall-effect triggers and Dual Motor Vibration, along with its 1000Hz polling rate and 12-bit Axis Resolution.

The Rainbow 2 Pro controller offers remappable buttons you can tinker around with to suit your personal preferences. Plus, it also lets you wear your gamer badge loud and proud with its translucent aesthetics and RGB lighting.

Despite the packed features, the controller boasts an affordable price tag of $64.99 on Amazon or your local equivalent. Both hardcore players and casual gamers can enjoy the controller on its own or in a combo pack that comes with a charging dock and 3 sets of joystick caps plus 2 sets of D-pad caps. This will set you back by $79.99 on Amazon.


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Additionally, you can personalise your gaming experience with the BIGBIG WON Elite App. Here, you can adjust motion control and Macro settings, as well as remap the 2 back buttons and 2 additional top buttons. The package includes interchangeable thumb-sticks and D-Pad as well.

As for connectivity, you can use Bluetooth or the 2.4G wireless dongle, or you can also connect via a wired USB connection for stability. Performance-wise, the controller boasts 15 hours of gameplay via the built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery, as well as a 3.5mm audio port for old-school headphone accessibility.

If you’re curious about the other peripherals in BIGBIG WON’s lineup, you can head on over to the official website for more info.

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