Bratz-Doll Makeup: How to Get the Look, According to a Pro


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Every year, a certain celebrity makeup look sends the masses into a frenzy. In 2022, Madison Beer helped sell out the Nars and Charlotte Tilbury blushes she swore by. In 2023, it was Hailey Bieber with her glazed-doughnut routine. Now, in 2024, Sabrina Carpenter’s makeup look is poised to reign supreme.

A quick search of the term “Sabrina Carpenter makeup” on TikTok will bring up numerous videos of people breaking down the singer’s glam from all angles. Whether attempting to re-create that perfectly blushed cheek or her ethereal glow, fans are loving the singer’s beauty moments. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the catchy names given to the varying aesthetics on social media right now, there’s no denying that it’s strikingly similar to that of a Bratz doll.

“She definitely gives Cloe in real life,” TikTok user Kamille Gregory said in a video as she tried to re-create Carpenter’s signature look — the doll in reference has the same blond hair, blushed cheeks, and pink lips as the singer. But as synonymous as the makeup style has become with Carpenter, she’s not the only celebrity rocking it. Megan Thee Stallion, Dove Cameron, and Saweetie are all perfect examples of this over-the-top glam. So, what exactly does Bratz-doll makeup entail? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Bratz-Doll Makeup?

“Bratz-doll makeup is very heavily inspired by the Y2K aesthetic,” makeup artist Jonet Williamson tells POPSUGAR. Standout features of the look include a cut crease, overdrawn lips, and long, flirty lashes, but you don’t have to wear all of these techniques at once. There is one nonnegotiable when it comes to Bratz-doll makeup, however. “To nail this look, you have to have pencil-thin arched eyebrows,” Williamson says. “Think Pamela Anderson-in-the-’90s thin.” If the thought of revisiting pencil brows just sent a shiver down your spine, don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to fake the look without ever having to touch your real eyebrow hairs.

How to Get Bratz-Doll Makeup

As you’ve likely seen from all the love that “Barbie” got, people love a good nostalgic beauty moment, so don’t be surprised if you start to see the look all over your social feeds. If you want to get a head start on practicing your own Bratz-doll glam, Williamson has a few tips.

“To get the look, I would suggest using cream eyeshadow on the lid to perfect that cut crease,” she says. “You can slightly blank out your brows with concealer if you don’t want to alter your natural brow shade or shape, then redraw them on to get that really thin effect.” After doing the rest of your complexion, it’s important to give your lips the illusion of a full and doll-like pout. “Contour-like shades such as Make Up For Ever’s Dimensional Dark Brown ($22) or Endless Cacao ($22) are the lip-liner colors that you’ll want to reach for,” Williamson says.

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Bratz-doll makeup is the perfect way to experiment with your look, whether you just want to refresh your makeup routine or are after that Sabrina Carpenter vibe. Either way, with these tips, we guarantee you’ll be the main character of any room you walk into — just like the original girl gang from the 2000s.

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