Bumble adds option to report AI photos and videos

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Months after introducing filtering tool Deception Detector — which uses AI to weed out spam, scam, and fake profiles — dating app Bumble announced a way to report suspected AI-generated profiles.

Some daters haven’t hesitated to use generative AI to write dating app bios — or even to have conversations with matches for them. Earlier this year, Bumble founder and former CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd took it a step further, saying that AI concierges will date for us in the future.

When it comes to AI-generated photos and videos, however, daters don’t seem to be fans. According to recent Bumble survey results shared with Mashable, 71 percent of millennial and Gen Z respondents said there should be limits to using this type of media on dating apps. Of those people, 71 percent said people using AI-generated material to portray them doing things they’ve never done — or visiting places they’ve never been — qualifies as catfishing.

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screenshots of reporting AI-generated profiles on Bumble

How to report for suspected AI in Bumble profiles.
Credit: Bumble

On Bumble, you can now report such profiles by scrolling to the bottom and tapping the “Hide and report” button. Select the option “Fake profile” and then the reason, “Using AI-generated photos and videos.” You can also write more details if you wish.

As Mashable previously reported, Deception Detector led to a 45 percent decrease in reports of fake accounts in its testing phase. We’ll see how many reports of AI-generated profiles Bumble gets moving forward.

“An essential part of creating a space to build meaningful connections is removing any element that is misleading or dangerous. We are committed to continually improving our technology to ensure that Bumble is a safe and trusted dating environment,” said Bumble’s VP of product, Risa Stein, in the press release. “By introducing this new reporting option, we can better understand how bad actors and fake profiles are using AI disingenuously so our community feels confident in making connections.”

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