Complete your side quests before completing chapters in The Thaumaturge

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If you want to stick to the main story in The Thaumaturge, you might want to reconsider. Be sure to read on to know how side quests work in The Thaumaturge and how they disappear in the game. And no, it is not a bug.

Your The Thaumaturge side missions have their days counted

Welcome to Warsaw! Here you can enjoy your carriages, political turmoil, and of course, magic powers to control demonic entities. The Thaumaturge will portray all of these and many more themes across the board during your adventures as the thaumaturge, Wiktor Szulski. This is an RPG after all, so that means a lot of quests, most of them side quests. And while following the main questline will give the best moments of awe and iconic cutscenes, the side quests are just as entertaining. However, if you are not sure if you want to spend a lot of your time during your adventure with side quests, then I have some news with you: they will disappear in time.

You see, contrary to games such as Skyrim in which you can become the strongest warrior of them all and still have a level 1 side quest pending, the side quests in The Thaumaturge have a time limitation. You see, the story of The Thaumaturge is divided into Acts, with each of them with a specific number of main and side quests. Depending on the actual quest, some side quests will last only for the duration of the Act or for a specific number of main missions. You will know if they are about to disappear because there is a little timer just to the right of the quest’s name. This timer will begin to run out as you complete certain main quests, so you will know exactly when they will disappear.

The Thaumaturge Side Quests
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Be sure to complete side quests and don’t disregard them completely. By completing them you can get Flaws and even Salutor. Moreover, if you are hungry for story moments, these will provide a lot of lore and memorable moments. If the quests disappear, you can load a previous save file. It might as well be worth it.

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