How to download and install Palworld APK

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If you want to play the smash hit game Palworld on your Android phone or tablet, you will need to download it through an APK. These are compressed files that are able to use your phone’s hardware to emulate the game.

How to install Palworld on your phone

To begin, you must find yourself a trusted APK. These files can be found on various websites. However, you must be cautious of where you get them. They are always going to be third-party websites, and they are often known for malware. Only download the Palworld APK from a trusted site. You can use something like URLVOID to see the safety rating.

How to play Palworld on your mobile with an APK
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before downloading and installing a Palworld APK, you should be aware that it will demand a lot from your Android phone. Ensure you have the hardware actually to emulate the game. Trying to run a big game like this with insufficient hardware will damage your phone.

Installing the Palworld APK

Follow these steps to install your Palworld APK.

  • Download your APK to your phone.
  • Locate the downloads folder and unzip the files.
  • Allow the installation of unknown apps by going into your app settings, finding the special app access setting and allowing unknown apps.
  • Select the option for the installation of apps through your files.
  • This will now allow you to install the Palworld APK on your phone.
  • Head back to the unzipped folder in your downloads folder and install the APK.
  • Provided you have used a valid source and your hardware is capable of running it, you should now have Palworld on your phone.
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Screenshot: PC Invasion

Please be aware of the risks involved when downloading and installing these kinds of files on your phone. There is no official release of Palworld for Android or IOS yet, so anything you find will be third-party. The best way to enjoy a game is always the way the developers intend.

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