How to fix eggs being too cold in Palworld


Finding and hatching overworld eggs is one of my personal favorite things to do in Palworld, but even I find myself bothered by the seemingly random dips in incubation speed. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it if you have the same problem.

Palworld Egg Incubation speed fixes

If you’ve checked in on your egg progress, you’ve probably noticed that while your egg is fine during the day, it usually dips into being too cold during the night. Even if you try to put several campfires around it, nothing changes.

This is because there’s a hidden mechanic the game doesn’t tell you. While campfires and their counterparts provide heat to keep you from being too cold, more than one won’t affect the speed of incubation. Instead, there are several factors at play in incubation speed. The biome, time of day, egg type, and whether a heater or cooler is placed nearby all change it.

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For example, Frozen Eggs are most comfortable in the nighttime cool, while Scorching Eggs prefer the daytime heat. Everyone else seems to favor moderate temperatures. A desert biome base will favor Scorching Eggs and vice versa for the snowy mountains. Being inside or outside will also affect temperature.

To figure out how to fix eggs being too cold in Palworld, your best bet to manipulate the incubation speeds is to keep eggs inside in a moderate biome and make multiple incubator configurations. Build some with a heater and cooler next to them, some with one or the other, and others without anything. This along with some trial and error observation will help you minimize time spent without a bonus. This will allow you to best continue a breeding empire.

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