How to get your Pals to store food in the Cooler in Palworld


In Palworld, the Cooler provides a great way of keeping your food fresh for a very long time. However, having to keep moving produce between the Feed Box and Cooler can become frustrating, and a lot of produce will rot before you can get around to the transition.

Thankfully, your Pals can cut to the chase with this trick.

Performing the Feed Box Trick in Palworld

When playing Palworld, you may assume, as did I, that Pals will consume any food in a Feed Box at random. This is not the case, however. Hungry Pals will consume the food on the very left slot first and will work their way rightward. This means that as long as you have a plentiful food source, likely Berries or Eggs, in the left slot, all the other food will simply not get touched.

This is important to know as it is the cornerstone of our trick to forcing Pals to put food into the Cooler.

Pals will only put food in the Cooler if there is simply nowhere else to put that food item. So instead of filling the Feed Box with other food items, which is all you can put in it, we need to fill the other four slots with something imperishable — honey.

Honey Trick In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

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The Pals will not eat this honey provided you have enough food coming in. This will mean that all other food sources will need to be stored in the Cooler. If you have more than one Feed Box, then you’ll need to repeat this trick for the others, too.

Honey can be farmed from a Beegarde should you put them in a Ranch. They are also drops from Beegarde and Cinnamoth, which can both be found on the center island of the map.

Soon, you’ll find that all of your ingredients will be safely stored in the Cooler, and all of the produce for consumption will land in the Feed Box, ready for your Pals.

Food In Cooler In Palworld
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you prefer to feed your Pals cooked food, then this trick will require a little more maintenance on your part. The ingredients should be safely stored in the Cooler, so simply keep on top of ordering the food and collecting it to put in the Feed Box. Otherwise, your Pals will eat the honey and you’ll have to set the trick up again. Make sure there’s enough cooked food to go around!

Now that you can store your goods right in your Cooler, why don’t you learn how to breed Anubis?

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