Indiecast Discusses The Smile and Alex G”s Major Label Deal


Today’s episode begins with a quick Sportscast in which Steven mourns the defeat of his surprisingly good Green Bay Packers and pays tribute to the lovable Detroit Lions. He and Ian also compare Detroit and San Francisco as music cities — it’s Bob Seger vs. Huey Lewis time! Then they do a quick update of the winter Fantasy Albums Draft, as it is a big day for Steven’s team with new releases by The Smile and Katy Kirby. Then they break down The Smile’s Wall Of Eyes, which sounds like a Radiohead album that’s 90 percent as good.

Next comes Steven’s most anticipated part of the episode — it’s an Ian Cohen pop quiz where Steven lists off 10 albums and asks Ian if he reviewed them for Pitchfork. This is taking “Remember Some Guys” to a whole new level. Then the guys address the discourse around Alex G’s recent signing to RCA Records and whether he has the potential to become “Boygenius big.” In the mailbag, a listener asks about the recent commercial featuring a Das Racist oldie and an “explanation” of Hozier’s success.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up the latest from the British band Courting and Steven reiterates Ian’s recent rave for Glass Beach.

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