‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’: Which Couples Get Married?


“Love Is Blind: Sweden” has concluded — but did it end in marriage?

By the third episode of the season, five couples left the pods engaged: Krisse-ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt, Emilia Holmqvist and Lucas Gustavsson, Amanda Jonegard and Sergio Rincon, Meira Omar and Oskar Nordstrand and Catja Lövstrand and Christofer Pocock.

After going to Cyprus for a honeymoon, the remaining couples returned to Sweden to live together for the first time. Then they decided, in front of each other’s friends and families, if love was blind enough.

Here’s what happened to the couples. We’ll update with more details about if they’re together now after the reunion.

Which couples form ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden’ made it to their wedding day?

Catja and Christofer faced challenges soon after meeting in person. From the start, Catja struggled with her lack of attraction to Christopher.  

“It’s been necessary for me to not think too much about what Christofer looks like,” Catja told the camera during a confessional while in Cyprus. 

Catja also feared that Christofer was too wishy-washy, and too “nice,” for her. “He’s always complimentary towards me, but what I feel in certain situations is that maybe he doesn’t know how to stand up for himself in a way I find attractive,” she said. 

Christopher and Catja.
Christopher and Catja.Photo credit: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

This issue led to a blowout argument after which Catja left the apartment without telling Christofer, abandoning him and their relationship. 

They later met to clear the air, which only led to more disagreements. “You’re so damn condescending sometimes,” Christofer told her, before tossing his ring in the air behind him.

They went their separate ways before their wedding day, leaving the remaining four couples to determine their fates. 

Who out of the four couples left said “I do?”

Krisse-ly and Rasmus

Krisse-Ly and Rasmus.
Krisse-Ly and Rasmus.Johan Paulin/Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Krisse-ly and Rasmus made it to their wedding day with little to no bumps in the road, remaining confident in the emotional connection they formed while in the pods. However, Krisse-ly did experience some doubt after discovering Rasmus performed poorly in a couples quiz the guys had taken at their bachelor party, during which he guessed the color of her eyes incorrectly.

“What have we been doing these last few weeks? Have we just found ourselves in each other’s safety and intimacy and haven’t even noticed the color of each other’s eyes?” Krisse-ly asked.

Still, the couple seemed ready to take the plunge and express their everlasting love for each other the next day, with both saying “I do.” 

Emilia and Lucas

Lucas and Emilia.
Lucas and Emilia.Photo credit: Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Next up were Emilia and Lucas, another couple that experienced challenges when it came to physical attraction. Lucas expressed his doubts about their ability to move forward physically, admitting that he was “a bit scared of the whole situation” and that he didn’t “feel that the physical attraction” was there yet. 

The two did seem to make some progress as they moved closer to their wedding day. Emilia agreed to marry Lucas. However, when his moment to decide arrived, Lucas couldn’t quite say those two words. 

“Here, today and now, it’s a no,” he said. 

Amanda and Sergio

Amanda and Sergio.
Amanda and Sergio.Johan Paulin/Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Amanda and Sergio’s wedding followed. The couple had been struggling to overcome a rumor that surfaced about Sergio fathering a child in Barcelona. Sergio never outright confirms or denies the rumors. has reached out to Sergio for comment.

The women on the show banded together to make sure Amanda knew before she agreed to marry him. 

“How can you hide something like that? No matter how unpleasant it is, and whatever the outcome may be, she has to know,” Kimia, a former contestant, told the camera. 

The couple seemed to work things out by their wedding day, and neither backed down on their relationship. 

“Love has happened. Love has won!” Sergio declared after getting married.

Oskar and Meira

Oskar and Meira.
Oskar and Meira.Johan Paulin/Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

The finale wrapped up with Oskar and Meira’s wedding ceremony, a couple no one seemed too sure about besides Oskar himself. 

“I think about everything and how it affects everything around me,” Meira said to Oscar just a few days before their ceremony. “It feels like having to endure a lot of things in order to find love. That makes me wonder, is it worth it to feel like this?”

The morning of their wedding, Oskar remained confident. “Well, I’m pretty calm,” he told his friends. 

After being asked if she would take Oskar to be her husband, Meira responded, “Oskar, I want you to know that no matter what happens here tonight, my love for you has always been true and real,” she said, pausing for some time. “Oskar, of course I want to marry you!”

Oskar and Meira celebrated with their friends and families, making them the third couple of the season to get married. 

What happened to the couples who didn’t get married?

While she was visibly upset after Lucas couldn’t say yes to marrying her, Emilia made it clear that she would not let the moment define her. 

“My worth as a human being is not diminished because he says no right now. It’s just that he hasn’t yet realized how damn fantastic I am,” she said. 

Although Catja and Christofer parted ways before reaching their wedding day, neither regrets their time together on the show.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about if love is blind or not. I mean, I did fall in love with Catja in there,” Christofer said. “So yes, it is.”

Catja added, “I don’t regret anything. I’m so happy and so proud that I have taken part in this.”

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