Minabo, a life sim game about a turnip and its social circle, is now available for iOS


  • Play as a turnip and control its social life
  • Decide whether it will maintain relationships, start a family, or just live with pets
  • Premium title costing $3.99

Spanish studio Devilish Games has just announced the release of their latest title, Minabo, on iOS. The game was originally released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox and after gathering a lot of critical acclaim, it has finally been ported into mobile. Minabo is a social simulation which explores the life of a turnip.

In Minabo, players will find themselves in the shoes of a turnip that must navigate through all the twists and turns of life. Players get full control of the vegetable’s social sphere, determining whether or not their relationships thrive. Just like us humans have our own interpersonal relationships, turnips have them too and players will be able to build social circles akin to real life.

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The journey begins as a tiny little seedling which evolves slowly into a vegetable. As the turnip grows, it will imbibe everything in its surroundings and its personality will be shaped by things it witnesses. Interacting with other turnips will further aid in character growth as players will develop various strengths and weaknesses that will have long-term consequences on future decisions.

Relationships, like plants, must be cared for and nurtured for them to successfully grow. This is the key to maintaining a lively social circle. There are thousands of different ways to achieve this and no one method is correct. From adopting pets and living with just them to growing your own little turnip family, everything is correct. The option of escaping a situation that doesn’t feel right exists as well.

In total, Minabo features 25 missions, with each one posing a different life challenge. The gas is highly replayable as the characters as well as the stories are randomly generated. This means that no two runs will feel the same.

Minabo is now available on the App Store for $3.99.

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