Pastel Nails to Get in 2024


With each additional minute of daylight we receive after dragging ourselves through yet another brutal winter season, the desire for pastel nails increases by (approximately) 1,000 percent. As we look forward to warmer weather, it seems we’re not the only ones. “Another homage to the ’90s, pastels are making a huge comeback,” celebrity manicurist and owner of Nails of LA Brittney Boyce previously told POPSUGAR.

Aside from Gen Z’s clear obsession with the Y2K aesthetic, you may be wondering how the love for pastel nail designs has managed to go on for so long. For starters: the pastel nail ideas of 2024 are not the chalky and sheer hues of yore, and the nail designs that have been birthed from this color palette alone have been incredible to witness (can we get a round of applause for the genius who came up with pastel ombré nails?). Not only will the pastels this year be more “richly pigmented pastels that veer slightly warmer,” according to Boyce, but the thought of getting a manicure inspired by 2024’s biggest trends has us practically sprinting to the nail salon.

If you’re looking for some ideas, look no further than the manicures we’ve rounded up for you ahead. From pastel french tips to subtle pops of pastel yellow, blue, and more, these nail looks will bring the best vibes right to your fingertips.

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