Reese Witherspoon’s Mom Describes Chiefs Football Game in Call


Reese Witherspoon’s mom, Betty, is charming fans with her football-recapping skills — which include calling the Kansas City Chiefs the “KFC” — in a sweet video call to her daughter.

The “Morning Show” star, 47, posted footage Jan. 24 on Instagram that showed her and son Deacon Phillippe, 20, speaking with Betty on the call. In the clip, Betty recounts what she believes was a recent game between the KFC and the Cincinnati Bengals.

But first, when Betty mentions the “KFC” to her daughter, Witherspoon responds confusingly, “KFC?”

“Yeah, KFC,” says Betty with a wink.

“You mean Kansas City Chiefs?” Witherspoon asks before turning to Phillippe and whispering, “She called them KFC.”

Meanwhile, Phillippe, skeptical that Betty actually watched a new Chiefs-Bengals game, tells his mom, “That’s not the right game.”

“In the last eight seconds, they kicked a field goal,” Betty gushes.

“Last night,” interjects Phillippe. “Yeah, the Dolphins and the Chiefs.”

“Nooo, it was the Bengals,” Betty tells her grandson.

“The Bengals and the Titans?” Phillippe wonders, still trying to help his grandmother correctly recall the game she saw.

“No,” Betty insists. “The Bengals and the Chiefs. Check it. 23-20.”

As Phillippe, whose dad is Witherspoon’s ex Ryan Phillippe, continues suggesting other recent games Betty may have watched, Witherspoon hilariously eyes the camera for laughs.

“Chiefs! Chiefs!” Betty repeats, sounding irritated.

“When was this? How long ago?” asks a determined Phillippe.

“Thirty minutes ago,” Betty tells him.

“I think you might have been watching a rerun, Grandma,” Phillippe gently suggests as Witherspoon guffaws.

“It’s not a rerun. Look it up. … 3:05 is when the game finished,” Betty responds.

Phillippe quietly reiterates to Witherspoon that Betty may have watched a rerun of a game. He then placates Betty, who refuses to budge on what teams she just saw play on her TV.

“Well, that sounds like a great game,” Phillippe tells Betty.

“It was good. It was nail-biting,” Betty responds.

“Nail-biting,” Witherspoon repeats into the camera.

It’s possible Betty was referencing the Chiefs’ AFC championship win over the Bengals last season, which ended in a 23-20 score.

The “Big Little Lies” star captioned her video “Go, KFC!” and added emoji of a football, a laughing face and a piece of fried chicken.

“I know @nfl needs this kind of accurate / insightful reporting,” she added in a comment.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs’ official Instagram account saluted Betty in a comment, writing, “BIIIIG KFC FAN! We love you Grandma Betty,” adding a heart-eyes emoji.

The real KFC — that is, Kentucky Fried Chicken — also remarked on the post, joking, “We like her version better.”

Witherspoon’s fans, too, loved Betty’s sportscasting.

“We need live commentary of your mom watching a game,” one wrote.

“Betty is now officially invited to every Super Bowl party in America,” joked another.

As for Phillippe, apparently he continued to research the game his grandmother watched. “Classic grandma Betty (It was a rerun),” he wrote in a comment.

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