Report: Valve made almost $1bn from Counter-Strike cases last year


Games giant Valve walked away almost $1 billion richer in 2023 thanks to Counter-Strike cases.

That’s according to data from CS Case Trackeras spotted by Dextero – which reports that players opened 400,318,821 cases last year, generating an estimated revenue of $980 million. This figure doesn’t take into consideration the 15 per cent cut that Valve takes from cases sold on the community market, pushing the total revenue that the company made from these items climbing well north of $1 billion.

CS Case Tracker also reports that the most popular day for unboxing cases was April 25th following the launch of the Anubis Collection Package. Meanwhile, the outfit says that the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 on March 22nd – perhaps unsurprisingly – lead to a “significant” rise in the number of players unboxing cases.

Oh, and Wednesday is – on average – the most popular day for unboxing cases in Counter-Strike; on aggregate, 15.73 per cent of cases were opened on this day of the week, coming in ahead of Thursday’s 14.26 per cent.

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