Robert Kennedy Jr. Group Airs Super Bowl Ad Mimicking JFK’s 1960 Spot


A Super PAC aligned with Robert Kennedy Jr.‘s independent presidential bid ran a Super Bowl spot that mimicked the ads for his uncle John F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign.

According to Medium Buying, the ad ran nationally. Super Bowl 30-second spots reportedly were going for $7 million.

The spot from from the American Values PAC, which is supporting Kennedy’s campaign. The PAC had almost $15 million cash on hand as of the end of December, and major donors include Timothy Mellon and Gavin de Becker.

The ad is identical in tone and jingle to that of JFK’s spot in 1960.

Political strategist Robert Shrum, speechwriter and consultant for Edward M. Kennedy, wrote on Twitter, “This RFK Jr. Super Bowl ad is a straight out plagiarism of JFK ad from 1960. What a fraud- and to quote Lloyd Bentsen with a slight amendment, “Bobby, you’re no John Kennedy.” Instead you are a Trump ally.”

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