Stay Ahead While Getting Away: Men’s Travel Clothing That Will Define 2024 Style


Traveling can be difficult. For starters, you need to make sure you don’t leave behind any essentials. There’s also a constantly evolving world of travel hacks to keep tabs on. Oh, and for some reason it just feels 10x harder to plan outfits when you know you’ll be away from your wardrobe.

Rest assured, a great arsenal of traveling clothing can quickly turn you into a travel pro. This list covers some of the best travel clothes for men to pick up this year.

Each one of these products utilizes comfort and versatility to accommodate a lifestyle on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re a travel veteran or a novice, there should be something here for you.

So, the next time you hop on a plane, train, or automobile, maybe consider bringing a few of these items with you.

Key Takeaways

While creating this list of the best travel clothes for men, I searched the market far and wide to discover exactly what’s out there. The Vuori Strato Tech Tee is hands down one of the best travel items you can get your hands on. Vuori is a brand centered around modern activewear which fits right in with a travel wardrobe. The Roark Layover 2.0 Pants can serve as another great option for anyone with a long flight looming on the horizon.

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Vuori Strato Tech Tee

Why it’s great: Travel comfort always starts with a versatile t-shirt, which is why the Vuori Strato Tech Tee is one of the best men’s travel clothes items. This tee is made primarily of polyester which is naturally moisture-wicking and odor-resistant. This shirt can be worn on its own in warm weather and just as easily layered if you travel to a cooler environment. Oh, and it offers UPF protection if you’re planning to be out in the sun a lot.

Who is this for: This shirt is perfect for anyone who loves a laid-back, classic look while traveling. It’s super soft and breathable, which is sure to make it one of the most comfortable options in your wardrobe. It also features a modern athletic fit, which means it might run a bit on the small side.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The biggest flaw with this t-shirt is the admittedly thin material. In certain lighting, the shirt may be a bit see-through–especially in the lighter colorways.

Material: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane | Sizes: XXS-XXXL | Colors: 14 | Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

Tropicfeel Dune

Why they’re great: Tropicfeel is a go-to brand for all things travel. These Dune sneakers feature sprint laces and foldable heels which make it effortless to get them on and off. If you’re traveling somewhere wet, these shoes are also very water-friendly–they can literally be worn while swimming. Not to mention, you can easily pack these shoes down to throw them in a bag if need be.

Who is this for: These are perfect for someone who wants to be comfortable and prepared for anything. The AirTech mesh uppers of these shoes make them breathable, and the grippy rubber outsoles provide solid traction—even in slick environments.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The biggest flaw of these shoes is that they can degrade quickly—especially the insoles. However, if you wear them moderately and take good care of them, they should last a reasonable amount of time.

Material: 77% Recycled Polyester, 23% Polyester | Sizes: 6-12.5 | Colors: 6 | Care: Machine Washable (Short Cycle)

Aurélien Extrafine Merino Crew Neck Sweater

Why it’s great: This Extrafine Aurélien Merino Sweater is the perfect choice when you want to travel in class. Merino wool is among some of the best fabrics for travel because of its natural benefits such as comfort, odor resistance, and temperature regulation. Not to mention, this sweater is offered in 14 classy colors with sizes ranging from small to triple extra-large.

Who is this for: If you’re looking to stay classy but oh so comfortable, this is for you. This sweater combines the best traits of merino wool and cashmere for a silky smooth experience all around.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: There’s not much to complain about with this refined sweater besides its high price tag. But that should be expected for a luxury item such as this one.

Material: 100% Extrafine Merino Wool | Sizes: S-XXXL | Colors: 14 | Care: Handwash, Air Dry

Gildan Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs

Why they’re great: Underwear is an underappreciated component of travel comfort. These Gildan Boxer Briefs feature a standard 6-inch inseam, and a flexible waistband to provide maximum comfort making them one of the best travel clothes for men. The cotton and polyester blend is also moisture-wicking and breathable, so you never get too hot down there.

Who is this for: These are great for men who just want to stay comfy. As far as boxer briefs go, these are an extremely soft and comfortable option that will keep your most delicate areas cozy.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The legs of these boxer briefs can ride up pretty easily. However, in my experience, this is pretty much inescapable with most pairs of boxer briefs on the market.

Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester | Sizes: S-XXL | Colors: 7 | Care: Machine Washable

Amazon Essentials Men’s Fleece Sweatpants

Why they’re great: These Amazon Essentials Fleece Sweatpants offer a solid amount of insulation for travel in cold weather. The relaxed fit provides just enough space and flexibility to move around comfortably. The drawstring waistband also adds to the overall comfort of these sweatpants–especially when sitting for extended periods of time.

Who is this for: Want to stay comfy but not look like you’re wearing pajamas? These are for you. These sweatpants are pretty much on par with any other pair of sweatpants out there–casual and comfortable.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: These sweatpants are on the cheaper side which means the material isn’t exactly the best. They may not last a very long time if you plan to wear them frequently.

Material: 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester | Sizes: XS-7XL BIG | Colors: 14 | Care: Machine Washable

Swiftwick Pursuit One

Why they’re great: These Swiftwick Pursuit One socks are made with a technical fiber merino wool blend, which offers just the right amount of cushion and comfort for most types of travel. These socks insulate your feet in cold conditions, yet they’re still breathable for warm weather. Not to mention, the Pursuit line is available in 6 different cuff heights to cover just about everything from a no-show sock to a boot sock.

Who is this for: If you prefer the heel-toe express to cabs and trains, you’ll want the comfort these socks offer. These socks offer a great balance between cushion and compression. They also do a great job of preventing blisters, even after being worn for hours on end.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: These socks are not impervious to holes which will likely develop after extended usage. The rate at which these holes occur depends on how frequently you wear them and how active you are while wearing them.

Material: 63% Merino Wool, 35% Nylon, 2% Spandex | Sizes: S-XL | Colors: 3 | Care: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low.

Roark Layover 2.0 Pants

Why they’re great: When looking for maximum comfort on a long-haul flight, you should never overlook what pants you choose to wear. The Roark Layover 2.0 Pants are built with long flights in mind, utilizing a 2-way blended stretch fabric. These pants feature a drawstring waistband which negates the need to take your belt off when going through TSA. The oversized zipper pockets also provide plenty of storage while reducing the risk of precious items slipping out while abroad.

Who is this for: These are for men who don’t necessarily want to don sweats but do want to be comfortable. These pants feature a standard slim fit which means they aren’t super baggy, but they won’t suffocate your legs either. The perforated back panel of the waistband also provides plenty of airflow for hot environments.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Unfortunately, the drawstring waistband may not provide as much support as you’d like while wearing these pants. If the pants aren’t fitted properly, they can easily sag at your waist.

Material: 72% Cotton, 26% Nylon, 4% Elastane | Sizes: 28-40 | Colors: 8 | Care: Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry

xSuit 5.0

Why it’s great: The xSuit 5.0 is a reinvention of your granddad’s suit, with wrinkle-resistant and water-resistant stretch fabric. There’s also no need to take this suit to the dry cleaners because it’s machine-washable—perfect for business trips and destination weddings. You probably don’t even need to store this suit in a garment bag while traveling—although, a little extra protection never hurts.

Who is this for: This is for the modern swanky traveler who doesn’t want to compromise on style. This suit is made with 8-way stretch fabric which all but guarantees it’ll be one of the most comfortable suits you’ve ever worn.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers claim this suit looks pretty cheap despite the $600 price tag. This may come down to the material or the simplistic design of this suit, but it’s ultimately a matter of subjectivity.

Material: Techwool Blend | Sizes: 34-52 (Jacket), 28-46 (Waist) | Colors: 5 | Care: Machine Wash Cold (Gentle Cycle), Hang Dry

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Why it’s great: If you’re taking a trip home for the holidays to chilly temperatures, it’s great to have something like the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket to keep you warm. Since this is a puffer jacket, it’s lightweight yet still offers a solid amount of insulation and wind resistance. It’s also able to be packed down into a small square that should easily fit in a weekender bag or duffel bag.

Who is this for: Not too sure what the weather’s gonna be like? Tight on packing space? This is for you. This jacket is extremely comfortable, providing a reasonable amount of warmth against the cold–it’s even better when layered.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The thread on this jacket tends to come loose pretty easily. However, Patagonia is very accommodating with clothing repairs and may fix certain issues free of charge.

Material: 100% Recycled Polyester, PrimaLoft Gold Insulation | Sizes: XS-XXXL | Colors: 7 | Care: Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle), Tumble Dry Low

Tillak Wallowa Camp Hat

Why it’s great: The Wallowa Camp Hat from Tillak is an excellent 5-panel cap to easily tame a messy mane. This hat is both lightweight and breathable, while the full nylon construction helps to dry up quickly if you get caught in the rain. It can also be rolled up and packed away easily, ready to be on hand whenever necessary.

Who is this for: If you’re like me and need an emergency hat on hand in case of bad hair days (or you’re just not sure if you’ll need one) this bad boy is perfect. It offers a solid range of adjustments to make it comfortable for even the biggest noggins out there. It’s also extremely light so you’ll hardly notice it once it’s on.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers have complained about how stiff the bill of this hat is. This is most likely by design because 5-panel hats typically have more rigid bills than other cap options.

Material: 100% Nylon | Sizes: N/A | Colors: 6 | Care: Hand Wash, Hang Dry

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Buying Considerations For The Best Travel Clothes For Men


Material plays a critical role in clothing comfort—especially when you’re looking at the best travel clothes for men. Ideal travel clothing should be soft and flexible to accommodate your body’s natural range of movement. Merino wool is an excellent option because of the many natural benefits associated with it. Some other solid materials are polyester, elastane, and viscose. It’s also important to look for materials that offer some degree of odor resistance, which many of these options do.


Versatility is also an important factor in great travel clothing. It’s always easier to pack one item that can be worn three different ways rather than three separate items that can only be worn one way. Most importantly, you want clothes that can provide you with plenty of options, which is key while on the go. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your style just because you’re away from home.


Your travel destination is obviously another important factor when deciding what to throw in the suitcase. Are you traveling somewhere with plenty of sunshine? Somewhere below freezing? Your wardrobe should always reflect the environment you’re about to enter. This doesn’t just apply to weather either, it applies to the general attire of your destination as well–especially when heading abroad. Unfortunately, tourists are a prime target to scam while traveling, and that’s much easier to do if you stick out like a sore thumb. So, try to dress appropriately for your desired location.

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How I Choose

There are plenty of clothes out there that can be used when traveling, but it can be difficult to pinpoint the options that are truly the best.

That’s why each product on this list had to be evaluated by certain credentials in order to qualify for consideration.

Brand Reputation: Does the brand have a positive reputation in the public eye, and is it well-known for producing good products?

Customer Reviews: Does a customer stand by their purchase or do they regret the decision? Negative reviews are inevitable, but is there some validity in the critiques made by reviewers?

Personal Experience: Do I have personal experience with the product or the brand?

Value: Does a product’s quality correlate with the price that is asked of you?

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s hard to beat a solid t-shirt when looking for the best men’s travel clothes. With a high level of versatility and comfort, the  Vuori Strato Tech Tee can serve as your perfect travel companion. The Roark Layover 2.0 Pants are another fantastic option that can make any kind of travel a breeze.


    • Preferably clothes that are comfortable and antimicrobial to prevent odor build-up. Sometimes you might be staying in a dingy motel, or you might even sleep in the car. This is why it’s super important to wear clothes that will remain cozy and clean, even after multiple days of use.

      • As someone who often wears jeans to the airport, I’ve found that it ultimately depends on the type of jeans you wear. Tight-fitting jeans that constrict your legs will likely prove to be a nightmare for most of if not all of your flight. However, relaxed-fit jeans are generally pretty comfortable, and they can be just as great of an option as many other pants out there.

        • It should probably go without saying, but any clothes that you don’t find comfortable should be left at home while traveling. The last thing you want when on a 12-hour flight across the globe is to suffer through a pair of tight pants or itchy socks.


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