Taylor Swift Explicit AI Images No Longer Searchable On X Social Media – Deadline


Taylor Swift‘s image problem is apparently being cleaned up by the X social media platform.

On Saturday, searching “Taylor Swift” and “Taylor Swift AI” on the service triggered a message that read, “Something went wrong. Try reloading.” However, a search for “Taylor Swift pictures” brought up harmless fan shots of the singer.

The moves come as increasing calls to limit deepfakes on social media are mounting. SAG-AFTRA and the White House have stated their concerns, as has Microsoft’s CEO.

Deepfakes portraying Swift nude and in sexual scenarios were circulated on X Wednesday. Artificial intelligence tools can develop new, fake images from other photos. This week, dozens of graphic images were uploaded to Celeb Jihad showing Swift in compromising positions. The images spread to other social media as well.

The photos were viewed more than 27 million times and had more than 260,000 likes in 19 hours before the account that posted them was suspended.

The singer’s fans have flooded the hashtag “Taylor Swift AI” with positive messages about her, according to an analysis performed by Blackbird.AI. The hashtag “Protect Taylor Swift” also began to trend on X.

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