Taylor Swift Took Her Parents Clubbing After The Super Bowl


After the show, it’s the after-party. For Super Bowl LVIII winners, the Kansas City Chiefs, their post-game celebrations kicked off early. While the Chiefs Kingdom fans prepare their best looks for the victor’s parade on Wednesday, February 14, the players decided to get warmed up in Las Vegas.

The NFL’s most documented WAG (wife and girlfriend), Taylor Swift, and her beau, Travis Kelce, were spotted in Zouk Nightclub just off the strip. But the “Karma” singer had a few special guests in her VIP section. In her TikTok video uploaded on February 12, Swift hilariously shared that she “accidentally” brought her parents to the club with her in the spur of the moment.

“Accidentally going clubbing with your parents is something everyone should try at least once in their life,” she wrote.

As Ludacris’ very explicit and sexual 1999 song “What’s Your Fantasy” blares over the speakers, Swift pans the camera from her parents to herself, showing that the ride home is going to be awkward, to say the least. Quite frankly, her parents seemed to be lost in the sauce, just enjoying the high spirits of everyone present.

Swift’s partying during the game was well-documented as she chugged what folks assume was beer on the stadium’s jumbotron. Following the club, Swift reportedly ended her night as most ragers do, grabbing a quick greasy meal that you’ll regret when you awake from your party coma.

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