The Finals kills its most hated event because it “punishes melee users too much,” but the devs want to bring it back after a “re-work”


A new update for The Finals disables the infamous Dead Go Boom event, but likely only for as long as it takes for the developers to come up with a re-worked version that isn’t so brutal for melee players.

For some context, The Finals players have largely been pretty unhappy with the Dead Go Boom modifier since the game launched, mostly because it’s way too hard for melee and close-quarters combat. As you might’ve guessed from the title, the event makes it so that players’ bodies explode when they’re killed, damaging anyone nearby. While there’s definitely the potential for some intense situations there, it does seem inherently unbalanced in favor of long-range weapons. Not only that, but many feel that it discourages and penalizes scoring kills, which is counterintuitive to overall success.

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