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If you have looked at any website for the past month or so, you have heard about Palworld. It is avoidable. Inescapable. Inevitable.

Everyone knew Palworld was going to be a big deal after its earliest announcement trailers, but nobody was prepared for just how huge it would be when it was released on January 19.

Perhaps most surprised by its success was developer Pocket Pair, who are now pleading with interested parties to come work on the game.

PocketPair puts out a plea for Palworld developer applications

In a message on the official Palworld Twitter/X page, PocketPair shared a message seemingly from the point of view of a lonely pal.

“There are still many things I want to do in Palworld, but we are severely lacking in friends!!!” the message (which we machine translated) begins.

“We are recruiting for all positions, but we are especially looking for planning/engineering positions!” the message continues. “It doesn’t matter what engine you have experience with, so if you are interested in creating a completely new game, please apply!!”

There are not a lot of specifics available about just how big (or small) Pocket Pair is. However, we know from a post on Pocket Pair CEO Takuro Mizobe’s Note page that it was as small as a 10-person team at one point, where he referred to the game’s release as “Miracle 4.”

“Palworld was originally intended to be completed in one year.” Mizobe wrote in the January 16th blog. “I have no desire to create a major title in the first place. I don’t have any desire to make the same thing over and over again. And no matter how you look at it, the company Pocketpair is not suited to making large titles. Actually, there were only 10 people at the time, so I didn’t have that image at all.”

Palworld is available now on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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