Who Are Andy Reid’s Kids? All About the Chiefs Coach’s 5 Children


Andy Reid may be the head coach of the Super Bowl LVII-bound Kansas City Chiefs, but he has an even more important team in his life — his children with wife Tammy Reid. Reid’s decades coaching football has pulled the family around the country over the years — each of their kids was born in a different state — but he’s always made sure his kids know he’s their No. 1 fan.

Ensuring such closeness while jugging a high-profile coaching career has required some maneuvering. As the New York Times wrote in 2022, during a job interview to work with the Philadelphia Eagles, Reid told the then-president of the team, Joe Banner, that he often went into work for a few hours starting at 4 a.m., then returned home briefly to see his kids off to school.

“This wasn’t an anecdote told just to get hired,” Banner told the Times. “He was as loving and caring a father that I have ever seen.”

So, who are the (now grown) children that make up the home team? Learn all about Reid’s five kids.

Garrett Reid

Garrett Reid, Andy Reid’s oldest son who died in 2012, was born in 1983 in Utah and spent his upbringing in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Philadelphia, according to his Philadelphia Inquirer obituary.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Philadelphia Phillies
A moment of silence was observed for Andy Reid’s son Garrett Reid before a Philadelphia Phillies game on Aug. 5, 2012. Brian Garfinkel / Getty Images

Garrett and younger brother Britt had both faced struggles with drug addiction. Andy and Tammy Reid told Philadelphia Magazine that Garrett began using around 2002, after his freshman year at Brigham Young University.

On the same day in 2007, Garrett and Britt were arrested on felony charges in separate incidents; Garrett had caused a car crash that injured a woman when he was high on heroin, and Britt had pointed a handgun at a motorist, according to The New York Times.

Andy Reid, who was head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles at the time, took a five-week leave of absence as he accompanied his sons to a drug rehabilitation facility, the Times also reported.

Garrett spent time in prison off and on between 2007 and 2009, according to his obituary. In prison, he was discovered smuggling pills, NBC Philadelphia reported.

When Garrett pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in the 2007 car crash, the Times reported that he told the judge in front of his parents: “I don’t want to be that kid who was the son of the head coach of the Eagles, who was spoiled and on drugs and OD’d and just faded into oblivion.”

Once out of prison, Garrett worked at the Philadelphia Eagles’ training camp in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In August 2012, he was found dead of an accidental heroin overdose in his dormitory room at the camp, according to the Times.

After Andy Reid won his first Super Bowl as head coach of the Chiefs in 2020, the family gathered together and during the post-game ceremony and remembered Garrett. “It was a moment with our family where we all got to cry and really feel my brother looking down on us,” Andy Reid’s daughter Crosby said, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “Garrett’s spirit was there. It was a huge family moment seeing my dad’s dream finally come true.”

Britt Reid

Britt Reid, the Reids’ second child, was born in San Francisco, when Andy Reid was still trying to find his foothold in football, Tammy Reid recalled to At the time, Andy Reid had been umpiring baseballs games to make ends meet.

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles, 2009 NFC Divisional Playoffs
Andy Reid, who was coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, with son Britt after winning a game in 2009 against the New York Giants.David Bergman / Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

Britt faced struggles with drugs, like older brother Garrett. He and Garrett were arrested the same day in 2007 in separate incidents. Britt faced a felony charge after pointing a handgun at a motorist, the New York Times reported. While awaiting the outcome of that case, Britt was again arrested for drunk driving and drug possession, according to the Times.

In 2022, the Times reported Britt pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in a 2021 car wreck. At the time, Britt, who was an assistant coach with the Chiefs, had left a team facility when he crashed his car into two others and left a 5-year-old with a brain injury. Britt told police he had “two or three drinks” before driving, per the Times.

In November 2022, he was sentenced to three years in prison, the Times reported.

Crosby Reid

The Reid family was located in El Paso, Texas, when their third child — and first daughter — was born, according to Crosby Reid’s life is not as public facing, but she’s performed the National Anthem at several football games.

During a press conference ahead of a game in 2019, Andy Reid said he’s “more nervous” than she is when she sings — and that he knows she didn’t get her musical talents from him. “I can’t sing a lick,” he said. “My wife, it’s all on her side.”

She also sang “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” at the funeral service for her brother Garrett, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Drew Ann Reid

Drew Ann Reid — the Reid family’s second daughter — was born in Missouri, according to, but she lives a relatively private life.

She’s currently married to Devin Woodhouse, the assistant strength and conditioning coach for several universities. According to his bio on the Wisconsin football program’s website, he spent five seasons with the Chiefs and shares three children with Drew Ann.

Spencer Reid

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Andy Reid with sons Britt and Spencer in 2008.Drew Hallowell / Getty Images

Spencer Reid, the youngest of the Reid children, was born in 1992 in Wisconsin, where Andy Reid was working for the Green Bay Packers.

Spencer got involved with football while in high school as a running back and linebacker, then played the game while at Temple University, according to the college’s website.

After completing a two-year mission for the Mormon Church in Fresno, California, Spencer went to the University of Utah to complete his degree, then joined the football coaching staff at Boston College in 2019, then headed to Colorado State’s football program, the Coloradoan reported.

Spencer interned with the Chiefs in 2018 in their strength and conditioning program, and joined the staff in that position as a coach in 2023, according to NBC’s Pro Football Talk.

“As a player, I loved the camaraderie, I loved that side of it,” Spencer told the Coloradoan. “Being able to get better, stronger, faster, more explosive. I thrived on it, and it was just what I gravitated towards. So, it was an easy transition for me. I knew I could still have time with my family and not have those long, long hours.”

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