Can you stack the same Passive Skill on a Pal in Palworld?


Passive Skills in Palworld allow your Pals to be diverse as well as more powerful. Boosts to movement speed or damage are always attractive; whether you can keep stacking the ones you want for the best effect is a different story, however.

Can Passive Skills be stacked twice on the same Pal in Palworld?

Unfortunately, each Pal can only have one copy of a Passive Skill in Palworld. This means that you can’t have a Pal with four copies of Swift to massively increase its Movement Speed.

Even though we can’t keep copying the Passive Skill we want to improve the stats we want, there are other ways to achieve this method. Thankfully, in Palworld, there are numerous Passive Skills that will increase the same stat to varying degrees. So although we can’t copy Swift four times, we can still get four Movement Speed increasing Passive Skills.

Fast Skills In Palworld
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For example, to maximise speed through Passive Skills, the four you’ll want are:

  • Legend – +15% Movement Speed (and +20% to damage and defence).
  • Swift – +30% Movement Speed
  • Runner – +20% Movement Speed
  • Nimble – +10% Movement Speed

This means that the Pal will benefit from a 75% increase in Movement Speed, which is nearly double. For those fast Pals, like Direhowl or Jetragon, this increase is amazing, and worth the efforts needed.

That being said, do you have any control over the Passive Skills of your Pals? Technically yes, although ultimately no. Let me explain.

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How to pass on Passive Skills in Palworld

Although you don’t get complete autonomy over the Passive Skills in Palworld, you can control which ones you want through breeding.

When breeding, there is a chance that one or more Passive Skills from the parents get carried on to their child. So, if you want a Pal will four Passive Skills that you want, then you’ll have to do a lot of selective breeding.

Pal Breeding In Palworld
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Find two Pals that have Passive Skills that you want and keep breeding them until you get a Pal that has them both. Then, breed them with another Pal that has another trait that you want. Keep rinsing and repeating this and you’ll eventually get a Pal with all the Passive Skills that you want.

Bear in mind that there are specific combinations of Pals that create other Pals. Make sure that the parents of the Pal that you want are correct. Naturally, breeding the same species with each other will guarantee a copy, so keep catching that Pal until you get candidates with the Passive Skills that you want, then start breeding from there.

Good luck!

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