New Love Live! game releases in February, shuts down in May


Bushiroad International has simultaneously revealed the start and end date of its upcoming mobile game, Love Live! School idol festival 2 Miracle Live.

On Twitter, the publisher announced the game’s worldwide launch would land sometime in February. And just mere sentences later, it said it would shut the game down on May 31.

“We appreciate the love and support you’ve shown, and we’re committed to making these last few months an unforgettable moment,” wrote Bushiroad.

It’s an odd bit of handling for the game, which first launched in Japan in April 2023. Per Kotaku, the international version was delayed from its initial December 2023 date.

And as it turns out, the Japanese version is shutting down on March 31. So the game is having a staggered death, when most games typically end service on the same day.

In between the vague February launch and May end, players will still be able to purchase in-game items. In-game purchases are usually the first feature to get closed ahead of a game’s end, but not here.

Love Live! School idol festival 2 Miracle Live may be one of the first 2024 games to have its servers shut down. It might also have one of the shortest lifecycles for a mobile game in recent memory.

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